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EmiSoft specializes in all-stage software development from planning and executing to maintenance and support.

About Us

EmiSoft services include software development, third-party software modernization, automated testing, and technical support. Applications developed by us help our clients increase productivity in daily workflow and reach their goals with less effort. We are based in the UAE and operate worldwide.


EmiSoft offers a full scope of software development services.
  • Software Development
    EmiSoft specializes in all-stage software development from planning to maintenance. Having an advanced technical environment and expertise, we are capable of both creating a new solution and joining an existing project.
  • Software Modernization
    Not satisfied with the way your app works? We believe we can come up with a solution. Contact us and we will perform a thorough review, find and fix its flaws, rewrite and upgrade it to enhance its performance.
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance is one of the final steps of software product development. QA aims to make sure that the product works as intended and its functionality fully meets all the necessary requirements. Contact us and we will help you find a perfect solution for your needs.
  • Documentation
    A complex product can be difficult to understand and use if it is not well-documented. To help you with this, we create all kinds of software documentation: instruction manuals, reference and procedure guides, product descriptions, etc.
  • Technical Support
    Even a well-designed system sometimes works improperly or malfunctions, and it is necessary to address this kind of problem to technical support. We have such kind of services available in our scope.
  • Analytics
    Analytics is a link between a customer and a developer. Analysts deal with customer requests. They gather, evaluate, process and interpret data for developers in a constructive way so that all the goals could be achieved most effectively.


We have gained experience in developing a variety of software products. Our portfolio includes projects for banking, healthcare, education, telecom, and manufacturing. We have always aimed for long-term cooperation, that is why we appreciate partners' trust so much.


We offer a wide range of technology stacks. Take a look at what we can offer to your company.


Design Rush
Feel free to connect with us via EmiSoft DesignRush Profile.
Why Choose Us
The team of professionals has a clear understanding of tasks presented by our customer, delivers projects within deadlines, and offers affordable solutions.
  • High quality
    We are good at what we do. And we always meet our clients’ expectations.
  • Support
    Once a project is finished, we continue to provide our services to our clients. We support you whenever you need us.
  • Experience
    Experience is what makes us professionals. And we have over 20 years of it worldwide.
  • Individual Approach
    Every project is different. So is every client. That is why we stay flexible and dedicate ourselves to finding perfect solutions for each and every one of them.
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